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Attending Drivers’ CPC courses has acquired new urgency and driving jobs are at stake. The clock’s ticking for UK commercial drivers and employers. By 10 September 2014, commercial drivers like you must have done 35 hours of Driver CPC (DCPC) training. If you don’t meet the deadline you won’t be able to drive. Driving jobs (including HGV jobs) are on the line, it’s that simple.

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Driver CPC is a qualification for LGV and PCV (bus) drivers who drive professionally in the UK. It’s been developed under EU Directive 2003/59, which is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of professional LGV and PCV Drivers. Different providers address this requirement differently, and with differing thoroughness. Our approach is designed to give you the maximum possible benefit, ensuring that the hours you spend with us provide your drivers with best training service possible.

A different approach to Driver CPC training

As with our LGV training (known previously as HGV training), forklift training or other training services, our Driver CPC training is about more than just ‘getting drivers through’. We believe it’s as easy to do training properly so it adds real value for Drivers and their employers.

The benefits for you

As an employer of more than 4000 Drivers (as well as a national Driver training provider), we’re well positioned to understand your requirements and the benefits of Driver CPCs. Apart from being able to keep driving and earning, these include the following:

  • Driver CPC training makes driving easier with today’s complex legislation and challenging road conditions.
  • Improve fuel efficiency.
  • Contribute to accident reduction.
  • Reduce vehicle wear and tear.
  • Enhance personal and company brand image.
  • Access future updates.

No one does Driver CPC training quite like us

We’re sure you won’t find another provider who combines such enthusiasm for Driver training with such experience, skill and integrity. Or such a thorough approach to developing professional drivers in an interesting, engaging way. That’s why we never cut corners with our DCPC training. And why we welcome audits of our courses and our Trainers (some of the most inspiring in the business) to make sure we stay at the top of the game.

Bespoke training

Then there’s the way we build partnerships with drivers and employers and meet their requirements with bespoke content and delivery. Take the timing and location of Driver Certificate of Professional Competence training for example: no other provider offers night-time or weekend training to suit your shift patterns – at our UK-wide Driver CPC training locations or onsite. Then again there is our philosophy on providing more than just a way of getting a qualification or a licence. At Pertemps, we feel that driver training should be more than that, our services reflecting that, whether it be initial driver training or the periodic training required to keep your fleet drivers fresh, up to date and their licence to operate fully valid.

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With so many driving jobs at risk through non-compliance, will you jeopardise your livelihood by missing the CPC deadline? Or will you learn more about Driver CPC training by calling 01452 507 737 or emailing us?

For More information on what CPC Driver Training covers, please see the definition on Wikipedia



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