Driver Risk Profiling

We use the DriverMetrics™ Online assessment and e-learning package to identify potentially dangerous driver behaviours.  

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The unique DriverMetrics™ Online assessment and e-learning package helps to identify situational, behavioural and poor coping factors which are known to increase a car driver’s risk of being involved in a collision. Variants of the Driver Risk Index are available for specific Driver types, allowing us to focus on the risks associated with the car drivers within your business. Providing an individual risk profile for each driver, allowing you to bespoke a targeted and effective behavioural training programme.

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Why focus on car driver behaviour?

Traditionally, car driver training has focused on skill based issues, but the blanket approach has been widely shown to not be effective. Behaviour based training goes further and targets individuals themselves. Attention is placed on what motivates the car driver, their attitude, personality and the emotions that dominate the driver decision making.

How does it work?

Car drivers, using a secure online login, complete a series of questions designed to challenge their attitudes and behaviours in a variety of situations. This information is brought together to provide a detailed picture of the individual and their potential road risk.

The Report

Trained personnel will assess the report to segment car drivers based on their overall high, medium and low risk scores. Feedback on risk scores is critical and Driver coaching has been shown to be effective in addressing specific risk factors. E-Learning will automatically be allocated to the car driver, with modules being selected based on the risk identified.