Remote Driver CPC Training

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We have received confirmation from the Driver CPC accrediting body, JAUPT, that we can now deliver our CPC sessions online!

We have been receiving a high volume of calls from ex-drivers wanting to return to logistics in order to support the current demand the country is facing. The option to deliver Driver CPC Training online means we can ensure drivers remain compliant with the mandatory training whilst helping the country to keep moving.  

To take advantage of this temporary change to Driver CPC Training, please view our Online DCPC Training Schedule below. 

Sessions are being offered at £45 + VAT + £8.75 upload fee per driver, per session!

Should you have more than 7 delegates that you would like to log on to a single online session, we can offer a group rate of £300 + VAT + Upload fees to make this extremely cost effective for your business. 

Online Driver CPC Training Schedule 

  • Wednesday 1st April  – Be Green – Be Safe - FULLY BOOKED 
  • Friday 3rd April  – Stay Safe – Stay Legal – FULLY BOOKED  
  • Saturday 4th April  – The Road to Delivery Driving
  • Monday 6th April – A Drivers Day
  • Tuesday 7th April  – Safe Driving Essentials  
  • Wednesday 8th April  – A Drivers Day  
  • Thursday 9th April  – Be Green Be Safe  
  • Friday 10th April – Safe Driving Essentials
  • Tuesday 14th April  – Be Green – Be Safe  
  • Wednesday 15th April  - Stay Safe – Stay Legal  
  • Thursday 16th April – On the Road
  • Friday 17th April  – A Drivers Day
  • Monday 20th April –  The Road to Delivery Driving
  • Tuesday 21st April –  A Drivers Day
  • Thursday 23rd April – Safe Driving Essentials
  • Tuesday 28th April –  Be Green Be Safe  
  • Wednesday 29th April – On The Road
  • Thursday 30th April – Stay Safe Stay Legal
  • Friday 1st May – A Drivers Day  

All online courses will begin at 08:00 hrs. A device such as a laptop, computer or tablet will be required with a internet connection and the ability to play sound.  

If you would like to take advantage of this unique offering, please contact us to express your interest. You can also email or call 01452 507737.